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Custom made Celtic and Heritage Gifts and Prints

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When you place an order you are agreeing to the following

Product related

  • As products are created individually on-demand. An orde,r once placed cannot be cancelled, amended or refunded if we have alredy started the creation process.
  • You accept that the apperance, tints and colours of products displayed on your screen may be different than those of the delivered product
  • Slate products: You accept that these products feature a chiseled surface and may contain natural mineral inclusions and blemishes. the edges are also chisled and will vary from slate to slate
  • Slate products: The flaked edged may also extend to a greater or lesser degree into the the top flat area of the slate but any personalising will not infringe on such areas
  • Slate products are not dishwasher safe
  • As slate is softer than most rock we do not recommend using them where food may come in contact with the surface as small particles of slate may transfer to the food item

Tax Related

  • HeritageNI's turnover is below the required threshold for VAT registration so no VAT is charged.
  • Currently we deliver from within the EU and from Northern Ireland to most of Europe including the UK. Therefore there is no import tax due in most cases unless the delivery is outside of those areas,
  • If  delivery is to outside of the EU, UK or Northern Ireland then the purchaser is responsible for any local taxes.


  • As our products are hand and custom made to order the buyer is responsible for any return cost