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Chocolate Ideal vintage poster
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  • Chocolate Ideal vintage poster

Chocolat Idéal Print by Alphonse Mucha - A Taste of Art Nouveau

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Bring home a piece of Art Nouveau history with our 'Chocolat Idéal' print, a stunning representation of Alphonse Mucha's innovative approach to design and advertising

Our 'Chocolat Idéal' print is a reproduction of an iconic advertisement created by the celebrated Czech painter, Alphonse Mucha. Known for his distinctive Art Nouveau style, Mucha's work is characterized by its ornate detailing, curvilinear contours, and the stylized, graceful women that became synonymous with the Art Nouveau movement.

This print features a woman standing under an arch, holding three steaming cups of cocoa, with two children eagerly pulling at her skirt. The packaging of the product is featured in a small inset at the bottom. The original artwork was created in 1897 and is a testament to Mucha's talent in creating advertisements that were not just promotional materials, but also works of art.

Alphonse Mucha moved to Paris in 1887 and began his advertising career in 1894. His work for various companies, including the Compagnie Française des Chocolats et des Thés, the company behind 'Chocolat Idéal', is among his most renowned. Mucha's work captured the worldliness and decadence of the fin de siècle (turn of the century).

The 'Chocolat Idéal' print is a reflection of the historical context in which it was created. Cocoa had been used therapeutically in Europe since the 18th century and was introduced to France by the Pelletier pharmacists, who also marketed chocolate. The next generation, Eugène and Auguste Pelletier, started the Compagnie Française des Chocolats et des Thés in 1853.

Our 'Chocolat Idéal' print is produced on top quality meduim for a sleek and stylish museum-quality look. The print is created on the finest quality material, utilizing premier fade-resistant archival inks that ensure vibrant lasting colors for years to come.

Whether you're a fan of Art Nouveau, a history enthusiast, or a chocolate lover, our 'Chocolat Idéal' print is a perfect addition to your collection. It's more than just a print; it's a piece of history, a work of art, and a conversation starter.

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