Why use UAV's for mapping?

Traditional Mapping Challenges

  • Google Maps/Earth, Bing and Apple Maps not up-to-date
  • Lacking in Detail
  • No time of year or time of day choice
  • No height indication
  • Only visible spectrum available

UAV Mapping Benefits

  • Right up-to-date georeferenced imagery
  • Very High Resolution and high detail
  • Can generate contours even at small intervals
  • Choice of time of year or time of day
  • Can supply 3D Model of mapped area
  • Provide point cloud datasets
  • Choice of Visible or Infrared images (NDVI)
  • Exact Repeatable flight paths at different times of year


Custom Contour Maps

Created from over 200 hi-res aerial photographs of coastal erosion at Murlough Nature Reserve sand dunes. Processed to create contours and overlaid onto Bing Aerial imagery in GIS software. A hi-resolution orthomossaic and 3D model was also created from the same image data set. View the 3D Model

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Hi-resolution Orthomossaic of Chapel Island

82 aerial images taken with one of our UAV's from 400ft has been combined to create this Orthomossaic of the north end of Chapel Island. The final image is georeferenced so it can be loaded as a layer in Google Earth or GIS software. A 3D point cloud data set containing 10 million points was also created from the same set of Aerial Photographs.

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Enlarged detail of Chapel Island

Even this enlarged image is limited by what a website can display, but it gives a representaion of the detail. Our latest camera can resolve as high as 1.7cm per pixel on the ground.

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