How can roof inspections benefit from an aerial perspective?

Traditional Challenges

  • 'At height' risk to personel safety
  • Awkward postitions
  • Unknown Roof structure integrity
  • Scaffolding build time Costs
  • Crane access and hire Costs
  • leadin-time for survey preparation
  • No visible image record
  • No measureable media obtained

Aerial Inspection Benefits

  • Safe - no people at height risk due to unknown roof integrity
  • Quick to setup
  • Live in-air HD View on seperate monitor
  • UHD 4K video recording for off-site analysis by professionals
  • Permanent record of roof condition - before and after situations
  • 3D Image Model of structure
  • Measurable Orthomossaic plan of the roof
  • Overall quick view where suspect features can be viewed closer in detail

slate roof 600

farmyard range 1200

ridge roof

farm shed roof 1200