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Engraved and painted Bull slate coaster
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  • Engraved and painted Bull slate coaster

Buy Exclusive Celtic Pictish Bull Engraved and Painted Slate Coaster | Perfect Irish Gift and Celtic Gift

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Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Celtic Irish culture with our exquisite slate coaster featuring an engraved and metallic-painted design of a Celtic/Pictish bull  - a perfect irishgift or celtic gift.

This handcrafted piece is not just a coaster, but a piece of art that carries the deep symbolism of the bull in Celtic Irish culture. It’s the perfect Celtic gift for those who appreciate Irish heritage and craftsmanship.

The bull holds a significant place in Irish mythology. It is often associated with strength, fierceness, and virility. The bull was sometimes sacrificed to appease the gods, and in Ireland and Scotland, bulls were used in ceremonies to predict the future and even choose a new king.

One of the most prominent figures in Irish mythology is the ‘Tarvos Trigaranus’, which means ‘Bull with three cranes’. This figure is often depicted as a tree with spreading branches, in front of which stands a bull, with two of the birds perched on its back, and the third on its head. This imagery is believed to represent a mythology about regeneration, where a bull was killed by a hunter, but brought back to life by the cranes.

Another famous tale from Irish mythology is the ‘Táin Bó Cuailgne’, or the ‘Cattle Raid of Cooley’. In this epic, two great bulls, Donn Cúailnge, the brown bull of Cooley, and Finnbhennach, the white bull of Connacht, were once herdsmen named Friuch and Rucht respectively. Their rivalry continued even after they were transformed into animals who retained their capacity for human reasoning and language.

Our Celtic Pictish Bull engraved and painted slate coaster is a tribute to these rich mythologies and the significant role of the bull in Celtic Irish culture. Each coaster is meticulously crafted to capture the essence of these tales, making it a unique Celtic gift that carries a piece of Irish history.

Enjoy a 20% discount on any order of 4 or more slate coasters. This offer is automatically applied at checkout, making it even easier to bring a touch of Celtic charm into your home or to give as an Irish gift to someone special. Don’t miss this opportunity to own a piece of Celtic art that’s as functional as it is beautiful. Buy your Celtic Pictish Bull engraved and painted slate coaster today!"

About our Engraved Slate Products

  • Slate is a soft waterproof nautual occuring sedimentary rock which occurs throughout the world, making it ideal for engraving of coasters, placemats, platters etc.
  • All our products are hand-crafted, painted individually and made to order 
  • The images with the colour names are only to show an approximation to the actual colour (the patterns are arbitary, the products main image is the product itself)
  • The engraving is carried out with a high power laser giving clean and precise results in our workshop in Northern Ireland
  • The reverse of each product has at least 4 cushioned foam feet that protect your table-top surface
  • Our product are sealed using a matt laquer or matt polyurathane varnish to protect its slightly porus surface from spills, this also has the benefit of slightly darkening the slate enhancing the engraving
  • All our products feature a surface that, during manufacturing, shears along the natural grain of the rock and may contain natural mineral inclusions and blemishes.
  • The edges are hand flaked and will flake along the natural grain of the rock so the degree of flaking will vary from slate to slate.
  • Not reccomended for use in a dishwasher or microwave