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Print of the Satchel that contains the Book of Armagh
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  • Vintage Line Drawing of the Book of Armagh Leather Satchel - Square Format
  • Print of the Satchel that contains the Book of Armagh

Vintage Line Drawing of the Book of Armagh Leather Satchel - Square Format

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Uncover an authentic piece of Irish heritage with this vintage reproduction line drawing of the Celtic design embossed leather satchel, a true treasure for history enthusiasts and collectors alike.

More info on the Book of Armagh and its Satchel...

The satchel associated with the Book of Armagh is an oblong piece of leather, folded and adorned with intricate Celtic designs. It is a significant historical artifact, housed in the Library of Trinity College. The method of manufacture of the satchel is not explicitly mentioned in the available search results. However, it can be inferred that the satchel was likely handcrafted, given the time period and the intricate nature of its design. The leather would have been carefully shaped, folded, and embellished with Celtic motifs, showcasing the skilled craftsmanship of the era

While the satchel itself is believed to date from the fifteenth century, the patterns embossed on it hark back to much earlier Irish traditions, creating a link between the object and the rich tapestry of Ireland's artistic past. The satchel not only served as a protective container for the Book of Armagh but also as a symbol of the reverence with which such texts were regarded in medieval Irish society.

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